As a collector for over 35 years I am always looking for Atari (and related) items that are not in my collection yet. Besides collecting, my goal is to preserve as much as possible of Atari history. This includes making scans of the packaging, manual and media, and also digitize the media to files. For cassettes the audio signal will be converted to wav-files, so they can be converted to emulator friendly cas-files. Disks are dumped using expensive “Kryoflux” equipment that creates emulator compatible files which include the copy protection. Cartridges are dumped with the Atarimax Maxflash USB cartridge programmer. The files are shared with various preservation projects and the Atari community worldwide.

Nowadays a lot of Atari items can be found on Ebay and other websites. Most of the time sellers offer them for very high prices, as most of them think their item is very rare. In reality, those prices are often way too high. Luckily there are still people out there that want to find a good home for their Atari items and do not want to strike gold. Some of them found their way to! We have received a lot of items for free from various people in The Netherlands and other countries in Europe and we are very grateful for that.

So if you have any Atari items and want to donate them, you are very welcome! Please do know, that we only pay a symbolic amount of money for the items, but your name will be added to the Credits & Thanks page and you will also be thanked on our Whats New pages on this website and Facebook. Ofcourse you are also very welcome to pay a visit to and take a look at the collection in person.

To contact us, please use the contact page.

Thank you!