Credits & thanks

This site is dedicated to the employees of Atari in the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg). Atari is present in these countries since 1980 as a subsidiary of Wea Records and since 1982 as an individual company. The history of Atari Benelux is an interesting one. It started as a small company to distribute and support the Atari 2600 console and ended as the European entity for distribution and support for all Atari products in all European countries. If you want to read more about the history of Atari Benelux, please visit this page.

■ In the Atari BeNeLux Archive you can find many unique pages filled with manuals, ads, flyers, catalogues, magazines and lots more made by or made for Atari Benelux. Don’t forget to visit the “Fun Stuff” page. Here you can find some very special personal memories of Atari Benelux employees and more. The Atari Benelux archive wishes to thank to following people for contributing to this part of the site: former Atari Benelux employees Wilfred Kilwinger and Wilfried de Graaf, Dennis Roos, Govert Zijderveld, Andre Huijts, Michael Current, Freddy Offenga, Robbert Jansen, Nir Dary, Wadi Maliangkaij, Anja Verheij-Brobbel, Anand Sewrajsing and Kris van Impe.

■ The private collection of is the result of over 35 years of collecting Atari. also supports various Dutch and international preservation projects to preserve and digitize the collection for the Atari community all over te world. has received a lot of support from these people and wishes to thank them:

Freddy Offenga (editor & publisher of Mega Magazine)
Wilfred Kilwinger (former European Support Manager of Atari Europe)
Wilfried de Graaf (former Sales and Marketing Manager of Atari Benelux)
Ruud van Nispen (former Sales and Marketing Manager of Atari Benelux)
John Maris (owner of ANG Software)

Andreas Koch
Wim Brouwer
Martijn Caris
Anja Verheij-Brobbel
Wim Lokers
Anthony Williams
Aat Dijk
Maarten van Dam
Dennis Roos
Ivo van Poorten
Frans Tromp
Robbert Jansen
Tijl Prinssen
Claudio (Advfan)
Govert Zijderveld
André Huijts
Ayo Jagt
Serge van Keulen
Dirk Tröger
Anand Sewrajsing
Sijmen Schouten
Sandra Schouten
Marceau Mallard
Dan Noguerol
Dusty Vesters
Steve Green
Jody Aben
Dominic Trill
Andy Barr
Martin Brennan
Nir Dary
Adam Russel
Bo Schreurs
Ernest Schreurs
René de Bie
Dave Ewens †

A big thank you to you!