The ST enjoyed success in gaming due to low cost, fast performance and colorful graphics.

Notable individuals who developed games on the ST include Peter Molyneux, Doug Bell, Jeff Minter, Éric Chahi, Jez San, and David Braben. An early real-time 3D role-playing video game, Dungeon Master, was first developed and released on the ST, and was the best-selling software ever produced for the platform. Simulation games like Falcon and Flight Simulator II made use of the enhanced graphics found in the ST machines, as did many arcade ports. One game, MIDI Maze, uses the MIDI ports to connect up to 16 machines for interactive networked play. Games simultaneously released on the Amiga that had identical graphics and sound were often accused by video game magazines of simply being ST ports. The critically acclaimed game Another World was originally released for ST and Amiga in 1991 with the Polygonal engine developed on the ST and the rotoscoped animations created on the Amiga (the two games are very similar on both systems).

Garry Kasparov became the first player to register the commercial ChessBase, a popular commercial database program produced for storing and searching records of games of chess. The first version was built for Atari ST with his collaboration in January 1987.

This is the collection of original software, no copies! The Public Domain collection is at the bottom of the page. None of this collection is for sale. If you have an item which is not on the list, please contact me and maybe we can trade. Donations are welcome too 🙂

1st Word DE/NL Atari small boxed
1st Word UK Atari loose
1st Word UK The ST Club large boxed
1st Word laser printer driver Atari loose
1st Word Plus / 1st Mail NL Atari large boxed
3D Construction Kit Domark large boxed
3D Pool Firebird small boxed
A320 Airbus Thalion large boxed
ACN Final viruskiller 6.x ACN small boxed
Adimens ST 1.6 Atari large boxed
Adimens ST 2.2 Atari large boxed
Adimens ST 2.3 Atari large boxed
Adimens ST 3.1 Atari large boxed
Afterburner Activision loose
Altered Beast Activision large boxed
Annalen der Romer Strategische Reihe loose
Arcade Fruit Machine Zeppelin small boxed
Arkey Arcade O. Harris large boxed
Armour-Geddon Psygnosis loose
Art Director / Library PDS large boxed
Astodat II* Astona dsk+man
Astodat III* Astona large boxed
AT-Speed C16 V3.02 Sack loose
Atari 520ST Discovery Pack Xtra Atari UK large boxed
Atari advanced hard disk utilities Atari loose
Atari Benelux Demo disk Atari loose
Atari Harddisk Utilities Mega & ST Atari loose
Atari Harddisk Utilities Mega & STE Atari loose
Atari SH Bootdisk Atari loose
Atari Powerpack (7 games) Atari loose
Backlash Action Sixteen small boxed
Barbarian II Psygnosis loose
Batman The Caped Crusader Hit squad small boxed
Batman The Movie Hit squad small boxed
B.C.P.L. Metacomco large boxed
Bloodwych Image Works loose
Blood Money Psygnosis loose
Boot II Nedervoort loose
Borrowed Time Activision loose
Brataccas Psygnosis loose
Buggy Boy / Xenon Atari loose
Cadaver The Payoff Renegade loose
Calamus Atari large boxed
Calamus 2.0 update DMC large boxed
Calamus Fonts DMC loose
Calamus Paint & Draw DMC loose
Calamus Special Fonts Atari loose
Calamus Vector Fonteditor Atari loose
Cambridge Lisp Metacomco large boxed
Campus* Technobox large boxed
Captain Blood Ere International loose
Captive Mindscape loose
Cards Microdeal large boxed
Carrier Command Rainbird large boxed
Chaos strikes back FTL Games loose
Chaos strikes back utility disk FTL Games loose
Chess player 2150 Oxford Softworks large boxed
Chip’s Challenge Epyx loose
Chopper X / Roadwars Atari loose
Cle de Sol JCD Software loose
Colossus Chess X CDS large boxed
C.O.L.R. Object Editor Antic Software large boxed
Computer Hits Beau Jolly large boxed
CP/M Emulator + utilities Softdesign loose
CP/M Z80 Emulator Atari loose
Crazy Cars Titus loose
Crunch Philgerma large boxed
Crystal Antic Software large boxed
Cubase dongle cartridge Steinberg loose
Cyber Control Antic Software loose
Cyberpaint Antic Software loose
Cyber Sculpt Antic Software loose
Cyber Studio The Catalog/Antic loose
DB Master One DE/NL Atari small boxed
De ST Atari loose
Discovery Pack Atari large boxed
Death Trap Anco large boxed
Degas Elite Electronic Arts large boxed
Desk Assist Basotech large boxed
Dos shell Microdeal large boxed
Double dragon 16 Blitz tronix small boxed
Dungeon Master FTL Games large boxed
Easydraw II* Migraph large boxed
Elite Firebird loose
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer Audiogenic large boxed
Eurofonts (Signum) Unknown loose
Expert Opinion Antic Software large boxed
Eye Endurance large boxed
F16 Combat Pilot Action Sixteen small boxed
F16 Combat Pilot Digital Integration large boxed
F29 Retaliator Ocean large boxed
Falcon The Mission Mirrorsoft large boxed
Family Curriculum: Business Computing Module Atari large boxed
Family Curriculum: Creative Computing Module Atari large boxed
Family Curriculum: GCSE Revision Module Atari large boxed
Family Curriculum: Junior School Module Atari large boxed
Family Curriculum: Play and Learn Module Atari large boxed
Fantasy world dizzy Codemasters small boxed
Fastcom Atari disk+man
Fighter Bomber Activision large boxed
File selector box prof Jotka computing large boxed
Film Director PDS large boxed
Final Viruskiller 6.x ACN small boxed
Financial Personal PDS large boxed
Financial Personal demo package PDS large boxed
Fire Blaster Paradox loose
First Atari CD-ROM Sono Press small loose
First Basic Atari UK large boxed
Flash Antic Software loose
Flashcache & Flash-Bak^ Triangle large boxed
Flight Simulator II Sublogic large boxed
Flight Simulator II Scenery Western Europe Sublogic loose
Fontdiskette Rokwell (Signum) Unknown loose
Football Manager 2 Prism Leisure large boxed
Football Manager 2 exp. Kit Prism Leisure loose
Footballer of the year 2 Gremlin large boxed
Foundations waste Exocet large boxed
Fun School 2 Hit squad small boxed
FX-80 Emulator Atari loose
Galdregons Domain Players small boxed
Games Galore Mandarin large boxed
Garamond (Signum) Unknown loose
Gememulator ACN loose
GFA Basic Interpreter GFA Systemtechnik large boxed
GFA Basic Compiler GFA Systemtechnik large boxed
GFA Draft plus Marko Software large boxed
GFA Interpreter (Dutch release) GFA Systemtechnik large boxed
GFA Interpreter (German release) GFA Systemtechnik disk+man
GFL Championship Baseball Prism Leisure loose
Gods Renegade loose
Grafix Shacksoft large boxed
GSTC Compiler v1.00 GST Holdings large boxed
Gunship Microprose large boxed
Handy Painter Cameron loose
Harlekin Maxon loose
Harlekin 2 SCE loose
Head over heals Hit Squad small boxed
Heroes (4 games) Domark loose
Hillsfar US Gold large boxed
Holmes & Duckworth Tool Box vol.1 Mirage small boxed
Hook Ocean large boxed
Hyper Cache ST GE Soft loose
Hyperdraw ST Atari UK large boxed
Hyperpaint Atari loose
Indiana Jones and the last crusade US Gold large boxed
Indiana Jones and the temple of doom US Gold loose
Infestation Psychosis large boxed
International Ninja Rabbits Microvalue small boxed
International Soccer Challenge Micro Style large boxed
Italy 1990 US Gold large boxed
Jack Nicklaus Golf Hit Squad small boxed
Jaguar Information Disk Atari loose
James Pond GBH small boxed
Jet Sublogic large boxed
Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Virgin Games large boxed
Joe Blade Interceptor small boxed
Kawai K3 Dr. T’s large boxed
Kcomm^ Kuma Software large boxed
KCS Omega Dr. T’s large boxed
Kdata Kuma Software large boxed
Kick off Anco loose
Kick off 2 + World cup 90 Anco large boxed
Kings quest Sierra large boxed
Kings quest II Sierra large boxed
Kings quest III Kixx XL large boxed
Kings quest IV Kixx XL large boxed
Kings quest IV Sierra large boxed
Klax Domark large boxed
Kleur emulator Stichting ST loose
Knightmare Mindscape loose
Kseka Assembler Kuma Software large boxed
Kswitch Kuma Software large boxed
Kult Ere Informatique large boxed
Lancelot Mandarin large boxed
language disk Atari loose
language disk French Benelux Atari loose
Language disk (UK) Mega STE Atari loose
Las Vegas Anco small boxed
Lccad SCE loose
Leaderboard US Gold small boxed
Leisure Suit Larry II Sierra large boxed
Legend of the Sword Rainbird loose
Lemmings Double Pack Psychosis large boxed
Lemmings Tribes 2 Psychosis large boxed
Live and let die (tenstar) Elite small boxed
Logistix Grafox large boxed
Lombard Rac Rally Hit Squad small boxed
Lombard Rac Rally Mandarin large boxed
Lotus Challenge 2 Gremlin loose
Major Motion Microdeal large boxed
Manchester United Krisalis large boxed
Manchester United GBH small boxed
Maxon Public Domain Software CD-ROM Maxon small boxed
Mega STE Adv. Harddisk utilities Atari loose
Mica E&C large boxed
Microsoft Write Atari large boxed
Mididisk 6 Unknown loose
Mobztel Markus the Divo uitgeverij loose
Modula-2/ST Modula 2 disk+man
Mono Emulator Robtek large boxed
Movie Line Aviator Speed Unknown loose
Movie Premiere compilation Elite large boxed
MultiTOS Atari loose
Neodesk 3.01 Gribnit Software loose
Nitro Psygnosis loose
Notator Logic Emagic large boxed
NS Reisplanner 90/91 NS dsk+man
NS Reisplanner 91/92 NS small boxed
NVDI Bela loose
Obsession Unique Dev. large boxed
Oh no more Lemmings Psygnosis large boxed
Omikron disk (Dutch) Atari loose
On Safari Action Sixteen small boxed
Operation Stealth Kixx XL large boxed
Operation Wolf Hit Squad small boxed
Operation Wolf Ocean large boxed
Orbit 2000 Byte back small boxed
Out Run US Gold loose
Outlaw Smash 16 small boxed
Outline Art^ Atari large boxed
Paperbow Elite small boxed
Papyrus Paradox large boxed
Papyrus v3 Paradox large boxed
Papyrus Gold Paradox loose
Papyrus Gold upgrade 3.5.6 Paradox large boxed
Papyrus woordenboek Brits Engels Paradox loose
PC Ditto Robtek large boxed
PC-Speed V1.4 Sack loose
Peter Beardsley inter. Football Grandslam large boxed
Piccolo (Signum) Unknown loose
PKS-Write Atari loose
Player Manager Anco large boxed
Police Quest Sierra large boxed
Pool Mastertronic loose
Populous Electronic Arts large boxed
Populous II Bullfrog large boxed
Populous the promised lands Electronic Arts small boxed
Power Up (4 games) Ocean loose
Powerup TT Catch Computer loose
Powermonger Electronic Arts large boxed
President Elect SSI large boxed
Prospero Developers Toolkit D1mmg 1.102 Prospero loose
Pro tennis tour Hit squad small boxed
Protos Heidelberg loose
Puznic Ocean large boxed
Quadralien Logotron loose
Quantum Paintbox Eidersoft small boxed
Race Drivin’ Domark large boxed
Raffles Softek loose
Railroad tycoon Microprose large boxed
Rally Cross Anco large boxed
Ranarama / Zynaps Atari loose
Resolution 101 GBH small boxed
Rick Dangerous 2 Micro Prose loose
Rock ‘n Roll Rainbow Arts small boxed
Rollebol Rekenen voor de allerkleinsten Strike-a-Light loose
Roy of the rovers US Gold loose
Ruff and Reddy Space Adventure Hi-tec small boxed
Rythm SofTechnics large boxed
Scrabble Deluxe Leisure Genius large boxed
Sensible Soccer Sensible large boxed
SH Bootdisk Atari loose
Shadow of the beast Psygnosis loose
Shadow of the beast II Psygnosis large boxed
Shadowgate Mindscape large boxed
SiFoX Diskette 4 (Signum) SiFox loose
SiFoX Diskette 5 (Signum) SiFox loose
SiFoX Diskette 40 (Signum) SiFox loose
SiFoX Diskette 44 (Signum) SiFox loose
Signum! Heidelberg loose
Signum3 Heidelberg large boxed
Skweek US Gold small boxed
Skychase Image Works large boxed
SLM804 Fonts Atari loose
SLM804 Gdos Driver Atari loose
SLM804 Printer Emulator Atari loose
Soccer mania Prism Leisure large boxed
Sorcery Plus Virgin small boxed
Space Quest Sierra large boxed
Space Station Paradox loose
SpeedoGDOS Atari loose
Spitfire 40 Mirrorsfot loose
Sporting gold US Gold large boxed
ST: Pascal Plus Atari large boxed
Stad Heidelberg loose
ST Invest (Not for sale version) P&R Software large boxed
STE Afdeling PD STE loose
STOS The game creator Mandarin large boxed
Strike a light Safeback plus Appsoft loose
Striker Impressions large boxed
Super Hangon Electric Dreams large boxed
Super Quartet Ocean large boxed
Superbase Precision large boxed
Superbase (luxe packaging) Precision large boxed
SuperCharger utility disk 1.40 Beta Systems loose
Synthworks Steinberg large boxed
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Konami loose
Terrorpods Psygnosis loose
That’s Viewdata Compo loose
That’s Viewdata Junior Compo loose
That’s Write 1.0 Compo large boxed
That’s Write 4 Compo large boxed
That’s Write Classic Compo loose
The artist plus* SCE large boxed
The Black Cauldron Sierra large boxed
The guild of thieves Rainbird small boxed
The hunt for red October Unique large boxed
The Link ICD loose
The one compilation Empire loose
The sentinel Firebird loose
The sound tool Antic Software loose
Their Finest Hour Lucasfilm large boxed
Top Gun Thunder Mountain loose
Tos system disk Atari loose
Tracked Divo Uitgeverij small boxed
Tracker Rainbird loose
Trivial Pursuit A new beginning Domark small boxed
Turbo ST Softrek loose
Tusker Kixx small boxed
TV Sports Football Beau Jolly loose
Twelve Steinberg large boxed
U.K. Language disk Atari loose
U.S.S. John Young Magic bytes large boxed
Universal Item Selector Divo uitgeverij loose
Universal Item Selector III Divo uitgeverij small boxed
Videotex NL 2.0 Unknown loose
Videotex NL 2.01 Unknown loose
VIP Professional Ditek disk+man
Virus Killer ACN loose
Virus Killer Practical small boxed
Warlocks quest Interceptor small boxed
Wonderland Virgin Mastertronic large boxed
Word Writer ST Timeworks large boxed
World class leaderboard Klassix small boxed
World cup soccer Italia ’90 Tronix/Virgin small boxed
Xenomorph Pandora loose
Xenon 2 Beau Jolly loose
XL/ST Link 1.1.0. beta Kaj de Vos loose
XL/ST Link 3.2.0. Kaj de Vos loose
XL/ST Link 3.3.0. Kaj de Vos loose
Xtra RAM Frontier Software loose
Yogi Bear Greed Monster Hi-tec small boxed
Zany golf Electronic Arts small boxed

* = copied disks, ^ = disks missing

Below the list of public domain software. All media are originals from the publishers listed.

Atari ST Computer Club Nederland Public Domain:
Disks: 2, Calamus 10, 11, 13, F17, B21, 25, 35. A44, A89, 151, 160, 175, 195, 200, 203, 218, 220, 257, 259, 271, 275, 278, A282, 319, 320, 334, 337, 357, 363, 373, 374, 386, 389, 392, 392D, 418, 437, 455, 473, 476, 482, 488, 501, 518, 528, 558, 564, 567, 573, 585, 586, 588, 611, 612, 619, 624, 631, 632, 633, 641, 656, 658, 659, 660, 662, 675, 678, 735, 736, 788, 850, 851, 877, 948, 992, 997, 1107, 1152, 1154, 1155, 1156, 1158, 1183, 1207, 1238, 1263, 1294, 1306, 1398, 1485, 1524, 1661, 1713, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1789, 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795, 1830, 2076

Atari ST Club Eindhoven / Stichting ST:
A09, A17, A18, A21, A22, A23, A26, A36, A56, A140, A146, C16, Dos23, F01, F07, F09, F17, F28, F29, F43, F46, F47, F48, F49, F50, F52, F53, F54, F55, F56, F57, F71, F86, F108, F109, F116, Fas ut 07, M01, M02, M03, M04, M05, M06, M07, M08, M09, M10, M11, M12, M13, M14, M15, M16, M17, Mac A07, N11-12-13-14, N15, N16, N19, N21, N22, N23, N24, N25, N27, N28, N29, N31, N32, N33, N34, N36, N41, N42, N43, N44, N51, STC64, STC75, STC77, STC83, STC105, STC108, STC245, X49, X53, X76

SAG (Stichting Atari Gebruikers) PD:
A04, A07, A31, C19, GFA02, GFA03, STC24, STC-152, X29

C08, E14 (2 disks), E30, E31, E32

Public Domain
Cover Disk 4

Byte Computershops
132, 269

Syntax Public Domain Library:
Disks: 61, 129
Please note: issue disks can be found in de books and magazines section.