Atari 16/32-Bit Software

The ST enjoyed success in gaming due to low cost, fast performance and colorful graphics.

Notable individuals who developed games on the ST include Peter Molyneux, Doug Bell, Jeff Minter, Éric Chahi, Jez San, and David Braben. An early real-time 3D role-playing video game, Dungeon Master, was first developed and released on the ST, and was the best-selling software ever produced for the platform. Simulation games like Falcon and Flight Simulator II made use of the enhanced graphics found in the ST machines, as did many arcade ports. One game, MIDI Maze, uses the MIDI ports to connect up to 16 machines for interactive networked play. Games simultaneously released on the Amiga that had identical graphics and sound were often accused by video game magazines of simply being ST ports. The critically acclaimed game Another World was originally released for ST and Amiga in 1991 with the Polygonal engine developed on the ST and the rotoscoped animations created on the Amiga (the two games are very similar on both systems).

Garry Kasparov became the first player to register the commercial ChessBase, a popular commercial database program produced for storing and searching records of games of chess. The first version was built for Atari ST with his collaboration in January 1987.

TitlePublisherBox sizeBoxed/loose
1st Division ManagerCodemasterssmallboxed
1st Word DE/NLAtarismallboxed
1st Word UKAtari loose
1st Word UKThe ST Clublargeboxed
1st Word laser printer driverAtari loose
1st Word Plus / 1st Mail NLAtarilargeboxed
3D Construction KitDomarklargeboxed
3D PoolFirebirdsmallboxed
5 Intelligent strategy gamesOxford softworkslargeboxed
10 Megahits vol.3Ubi softlargeboxed
A320 AirbusThalionlargeboxed
ACN Final viruskiller 6.xACNsmallboxed
ADI Application Anglais 5emeCoktel Visionlargeboxed
ADI Application Anglais 6emeCoktel Visionlargeboxed
Adimens ST 1.6Atarilargeboxed
Adimens ST 2.2Atarilargeboxed
Adimens ST 2.3Atarilargeboxed
Adimens ST 3.1Atarilargeboxed
Adscsi STICDloose
Advanced Destroyer SimulatorAction Sixteensmallboxed
Advanced Harddisk Utilities TT030Atariloose
Advanced Rugby SimulatorCodemasterssmallboxed
AfterburnerActivision loose
Altered BeastActivisionlargeboxed
Annalen der RomerStrategische Reihe loose
Arabesque ProfessionalShiftloose
Arcade Fruit MachineZeppelinsmallboxed
Arcade Hits 5Ubi softlargeboxed
ArkeyArcade O. Harrislargeboxed
Armour-GeddonPsygnosis loose
Art Director / LibraryPDSlargeboxed
Ash emailerHeidelbergdsk+man
Ash emailer update 2.3Heidelbergdsk+man
Astodat II*Astona dsk+man
Astodat III*Astonalargeboxed
AstroplotCiska & Raymondloose
AT-Speed C16 V3.02Sack loose
Atari 520ST Discovery Pack XtraAtari UKlargeboxed
Atari advanced hard disk utilitiesAtari loose
Atari Benelux Demo diskAtari loose
Atari Harddisk Utilities Mega & STAtari loose
Atari Harddisk Utilities Mega & STEAtari loose
Atari Image Scanner 2.33 HCCCBDloose
Atari SH BootdiskAtari loose
Atari Powerpack (7 games)Atari loose
Autoswitch SM124 emulatorOverscanloose
BacklashAction Sixteensmallboxed
Bad CompanyLogotronlargeboxed
Barbarian IIPsygnosis loose
Batman The Caped CrusaderHit squadsmallboxed
Batman The MovieHit squadsmallboxed
BloodwychImage Works loose
Blood MoneyPsygnosis loose
Boot IINedervoort loose
Borrowed TimeActivision loose
BrataccasPsygnosis loose
Buggy Boy / XenonAtari loose
Cab 2.5 update PPP-connectHeidelbergdsk+man
Cab 2.6 update Fiffi PPP-connectHeidelbergdsk+man
Cab 2.6 update diskHeidelbergdsk+man
Cab 2.7 update diskHeidelbergdsk+man
Cadaver The PayoffRenegade loose
Calamus 2.0 updateDMClargeboxed
Calamus CTX preprocessorACNsmallboxed
Calamus DokumentinfoInversloose
Calamus Fontools 2.0Inversloose
Calamus FontsDMC loose
Calamus Font UtilitiesDMCloose
Calamus Frame-GereedschapDMCloose
Calamus HP-LaserjetDMCloose
Calamus Invers Indexer ProInversloose
Calamus KaternDMCloose
Calamus Makro-Manager v3Inversloose
Calamus Paint & DrawDMC loose
Calamus Personalisierer v3Inversloose
Calamus RTF import/exportInversloose
Calamus Special FontsAtari loose
Calamus SL 11/96DMClargeboxed
Calamus SL 95DMCloose
Calamus SL 99 ST/Mac/WindowsInversloose
Calamus SL Bridge ModuleDMCloose
Calamus SL ClassicDMCloose
Calamus SL Gold diskDMCloose
Calamus SL tips and tricksDMCloose
Calamus SL Update 30-06-1993DMCloose
Calamus SL Update 95DMCloose
Calamus Vector FonteditorAtari loose
Calamus WMF/EMF import/exportInversloose
Calamus Woordenboek NLDMCloose
Cambridge LispMetacomcolargeboxed
Captain BloodEre International loose
CaptiveMindscape loose
Carrier CommandRainbirdlargeboxed
Chaos strikes backFTL Games loose
Chaos strikes back utility diskFTL Games loose
Chess player 2150Oxford Softworkslargeboxed
Chip’s ChallengeEpyx loose
Chopper X / RoadwarsAtari loose
Cleanup STICDloose
Cle de SolJCD Software loose
Colossus Chess XCDSlargeboxed
C.O.L.R. Object EditorAntic Softwarelargeboxed
Computer HitsBeau Jollylargeboxed
CP/M Emulator + utilitiesSoftdesign loose
CP/M Z80 EmulatorAtari loose
Cranach Studio CompactTmsloose
Crazy CarsTitus loose
Crazy SoundsMaxonloose
CrystalAntic Softwarelargeboxed
Cubase dongle cartridgeSteinberg loose
Cyber ControlAntic Software loose
CyberpaintAntic Software loose
Cyber SculptAntic Software loose
Cyber StudioThe Catalog/Antic loose
Das grosse Atari ST GFA Basic BuchData Beckerloose
Das grosse Signum BuchData Beckerloose
DB Master One DE/NLAtarismallboxed
DC-ShowerDivo uitgeverijloose
Desktop Publisher STTimeworksloose
De STAtari loose
Discovery PackAtarilargeboxed
Death TrapAncolargeboxed
Degas EliteElectronic Artslargeboxed
Desk AssistBasotechlargeboxed
Dos shellMicrodeallargeboxed
Double dragon16 Blitz tronixsmallboxed
DTP Sonderdisk 1Maxonloose
DTP Sonderdisk 2Maxonloose
Dungeon MasterFTL Gameslargeboxed
Easydraw II*Migraphlargeboxed
EliteFirebird loose
Emlyn Hughes International SoccerAudiogeniclargeboxed
Eurofonts (Signum)Unknown loose
Expert OpinionAntic Softwarelargeboxed
EZ-Score PlusHybrid Artsloose
F16 Combat PilotAction Sixteensmallboxed
F16 Combat PilotDigital Integrationlargeboxed
F29 Retaliator (UK release)Oceanlargeboxed
F29 Retaliator (EUR release)Oceanlargeboxed
Falcon (French release)Spectrum Holobytelargeboxed
Falcon Mission 1 (EUR release)Spectrum Holobytelargeboxed
Falcon Mission 1 (French release) Spectrum Holobytelargeboxed
Falcon Mission 2 (French release)Spectrum Holobytelargeboxed
Family Curriculum: Business Computing ModuleAtarilargeboxed
Family Curriculum: Creative Computing ModuleAtarilargeboxed
Family Curriculum: GCSE Revision ModuleAtarilargeboxed
Family Curriculum: Junior School ModuleAtarilargeboxed
Family Curriculum: Play and Learn ModuleAtarilargeboxed
Fantasy world dizzyCodemasterssmallboxed
FastcomAtari disk+man
Fighter BomberActivisionlargeboxed
File selector box profJotka computinglargeboxed
Film DirectorPDSlargeboxed
Final Account Demo Disk TOSAstonaloose
Final Viruskiller 6.xACNsmallboxed
Financial PersonalPDSlargeboxed
Financial Personal demo packagePDSlargeboxed
Fire BlasterParadox loose
First Atari CD-ROMSono Presssmallloose
First BasicAtari UKlargeboxed
FlashAntic Software loose
Flashcache & Flash-Bak^Trianglelargeboxed
Flight Simulator IISublogiclargeboxed
Flight Simulator II Scenery Western EuropeSublogic loose
Fontdiskette Rokwell (Signum)Unknown loose
Fontpackage GoldCompoloose
Fontpackage OfficeCompoloose
Football Manager 2Prism Leisurelargeboxed
Football Manager 2 exp. KitPrism Leisure loose
Footballer of the year 2Gremlinlargeboxed
Foundations wasteExocetlargeboxed
Fun RadioUbi softlargeboxed
Fun School 2Hit squadsmallboxed
FusionElectronic Artssmallboxed
FX-80 EmulatorAtari loose
Galdregons DomainPlayerssmallboxed
Games GaloreMandarinlargeboxed
Garamond (Signum)Unknown loose
GatoSpectrum Holobytelargeboxed
GDPS Standard TreiberTmsloose
GememulatorACN loose
Gememulator 96Compoloose
Gem Spooler 3ACNsmallboxed
GFA Basic InterpreterGFA Systemtechniklargeboxed
GFA Basic CompilerGFA Systemtechniklargeboxed
GFA Draft plusMarko Softwarelargeboxed
GFA Interpreter (Dutch release)GFA Systemtechniklargeboxed
GFA Interpreter (German release)GFA Systemtechnik disk+man
GFL Championship BaseballPrism Leisure loose
Girotel STACNloose
GoalVirgin Gameslargeboxed
GodsRenegade loose
GraalbaseEditions Profillargeboxed
GSTC Compiler v1.00GST Holdingslargeboxed
Gunship (EUR release)Microproselargeboxed
Gunship (French release)Microproselargeboxed
Handy PainterCameron loose
Hard disk utilities mega STAtariloose
Hard disk utilities mega STEAtariloose
Hard Drivin’Tengenlargeboxed
HarlekinMaxon loose
Harlekin 2SCE dsk+man
Harlekin 2HiSoftloose
Harlekin 3HiSoftloose
Head over healsHit Squadsmallboxed
HeimdallCore Designlargeboxed
Heroes (4 games)Domark loose
HillsfarUS Goldlargeboxed
Holmes & Duckworth Tool Box vol.1Miragesmallboxed
Homework Helper: Math word problemsSpinnakerlargeboxed
Hyper Cache STGE Soft loose
Hyperdraw STAtari UKlargeboxed
HyperpaintAtari loose
Indiana Jones and the last crusadeUS Goldlargeboxed
Indiana Jones and the temple of doomUS Gold loose
International Ninja RabbitsMicrovaluesmallboxed
International SoccerMicrodeallargeboxed
International Soccer ChallengeMicro Stylelargeboxed
Italy 1990 (French release)US Goldlargeboxed
Italy 1990 (UK release)US Goldlargeboxed
Jack Nicklaus GolfHit Squadsmallboxed
Jaguar Information DiskAtari loose
James PondGBHsmallboxed
Jimmy White’s WhirlwindVirgin Gameslargeboxed
Joe BladeInterceptorsmallboxed
Kawai K3Dr. T’slargeboxed
Kcomm^Kuma Softwarelargeboxed
KCS OmegaDr. T’slargeboxed
KdataKuma Softwarelargeboxed
Kick offAnco loose
Kick off 2 + World cup 90Ancolargeboxed
Kid GlovesGBHsmallboxed
Kings questSierralargeboxed
Kings quest IISierralargeboxed
Kings quest IIIKixx XLlargeboxed
Kings quest IVKixx XLlargeboxed
Kings quest IVSierralargeboxed
Kleur emulatorStichting ST loose
KnightmareMindscape loose
Kobold update disk 3.5Heidelberglargeboxed
Kseka AssemblerKuma Softwarelargeboxed
K-Spread LightOmikronloose
KswitchKuma Softwarelargeboxed
KultEre Informatiquelargeboxed
language diskAtari loose
language disk French BeneluxAtari loose
Language disk (UK) Mega STEAtari loose
Las VegasAncosmallboxed
LccadSCE loose
LeaderboardUS Goldsmallboxed
Leisure Suit Larry IISierralargeboxed
Legend of the SwordRainbird loose
Lemmings Double PackPsychosislargeboxed
Lemmings Tribes 2Psychosislargeboxed
Live and let die (tenstar)Elitesmallboxed
Lombard Rac RallyHit Squadsmallboxed
Lombard Rac RallyMandarinlargeboxed
Lotus Challenge 2Gremlin loose
Major MotionMicrodeallargeboxed
Manchester UnitedKrisalislargeboxed
Manchester UnitedGBHsmallboxed
Mean 18Accoladelargeboxed
MatGraph MatScreenMatrixloose
Maxon Public Domain Software CD-ROMMaxonsmallboxed
Mega STE Adv. Harddisk utilitiesAtari loose
Mega STE Language Disk UKAtariloose
Mega STE W/O HDD Language Disk UKAtariloose
Microsoft WriteAtarilargeboxed
Mididisk 6Unknown loose
Mission genocideSilverbirdsmallboxed
Mobztel Markus theDivo uitgeverij loose
Modula-2/STModula 2 disk+man
Mono EmulatorRobteklargeboxed
Movie Line Aviator SpeedUnknown loose
Movie Premiere compilationElitelargeboxed
MultiTOSAtari dsk+man
N.AES 1Overscandsk+man
N.AES 1.2Wollerloose
N.AES 2.0Wollerloose
Neodesk 3.01Gribnit Software loose
NitroPsygnosis loose
Notator LogicEmagiclargeboxed
NS Reisplanner 90/91NS dsk+man
NS Reisplanner 91/92NSsmallboxed
NVDIBela loose
NVDI 4.1Heidelbergloose
NVDI 5Heidelbergdsk+man
ObsessionUnique Dev.largeboxed
Oh no more LemmingsPsygnosislargeboxed
Omikron disk (Dutch)Atari loose
On SafariAction Sixteensmallboxed
Operation StealthKixx XLlargeboxed
Operation WolfHit Squadsmallboxed
Operation WolfOceanlargeboxed
Orbit 2000Byte backsmallboxed
Out RunUS Gold loose
OutlawSmash 16smallboxed
Outline Art^Atarilargeboxed
Outline ArtDMCloose
Papyrus NLRom Logicwareloose
Papyrus Upgrade 6Rom Logicwareloose
Papyrus Upgrade 7Rom Logicwareloose
Papyrus v3Paradoxlargeboxed
Papyrus GoldParadox loose
Papyrus Gold 4.5ACNloose
Papyrus Gold 5ACNloose
Papyrus Gold upgrade 3.5.6Paradoxlargeboxed
Papyrus Gold upgrade 5Rom Logicwareloose
Papyrus Intelliview CorrectionRom Logicwareloose
Papyrus woordenboek Brits EngelsParadox loose
Papyrus Zusatzdiskette 1 & 2Rom Logicwareloose
PC DittoRobteklargeboxed
PC/IntercomMark o.t. Unicornlargeboxed
PC-Speed V1.4Sack loose
Peter Beardsley inter. FootballGrandslamlargeboxed
Phoenix 5Heidelbergdsk+man
Photo Line 2.3Heidelbergdsk+man
Piccolo (Signum)Unknown loose
PlatonVHF Computerloose
Player ManagerAncolargeboxed
Police QuestSierralargeboxed
PoolMastertronic loose
PopulousElectronic Artslargeboxed
Populous IIBullfroglargeboxed
Populous the promised landsElectronic Artssmallboxed
PowerdromeElectronic Artssmallboxed
Power Up (4 games)Ocean loose
Powerup TTCatch Computer loose
Powermonger (French release)Electronic Artslargeboxed
Powermonger (UK release)Electronic Artslargeboxed
President ElectSSIlargeboxed
Procat IIAtlantisloose
Prospero Developers Toolkit D1mmg 1.102Prospero loose
Pro tennis tourHit squadsmallboxed
ProtosHeidelberg loose
Qfax/pro 4.0Info Systemsloose
QuadralienLogotron loose
Quantum PaintboxEidersoftsmallboxed
Race Drivin’Domarklargeboxed
RafflesSoftek loose
Railroad tycoonMicroproselargeboxed
Rally CrossAncolargeboxed
Ranarama / ZynapsAtari loose
Resolution 101GBHsmallboxed
Resource MasterHeidelbergdsk+man
Rick Dangerous 2Micro Prose loose
Robocop 3Oceanlargeboxed
Rock ‘n RollRainbow Artssmallboxed
Rollebol Rekenen voor de allerkleinstenStrike-a-Light loose
Roy of the roversUS Gold loose
Ruff and Reddy Space AdventureHi-tecsmallboxed
Safeback PlusStrike a Lightloose
SB Backup 3.0Updateloose
Score PerfectSoft Artsboxed
Scrabble DeluxeLeisure Geniuslargeboxed
SCSI tools 6.xHard & Softloose
Sensible SoccerSensiblelargeboxed
SH BootdiskAtari loose
Shadow of the beastPsygnosis loose
Shadow of the beast IIPsygnosislargeboxed
SiFoX Diskette 4 (Signum)SiFox loose
SiFoX Diskette 5 (Signum)SiFox loose
SiFoX Diskette 40 (Signum)SiFox loose
SiFoX Diskette 44 (Signum)SiFox loose
Signum 2! DutchJotka/Heidelberglargeboxed
Signum 3!Heidelberglargeboxed
Signum 3.3 updateHeidelbergloose
Signum Laser DriverHeidelbergloose
SkweekUS Goldsmallboxed
SkychaseImage Workslargeboxed
SLM804 FontsAtari loose
SLM804 Gdos DriverAtari loose
SLM804 Printer EmulatorAtari loose
Soccer maniaPrism Leisurelargeboxed
Sorcery PlusVirginsmallboxed
Space QuestSierralargeboxed
Space StationParadox loose
Special ForcesMicrosoftlargeboxed
SpeedoGDOSAtari loose
SpeedoGDOS 5Compodsk+man
Spitfire 40Mirrorsfot loose
Sporting goldUS Goldlargeboxed
ST: Pascal PlusAtarilargeboxed
StadHeidelberg loose
Star FlightElectronic Artslargeboxed
Starglider 2Rainbirdlargeboxed
ST Invest (Not for sale version)P&R Softwarelargeboxed
STE Afdeling PDSTE loose
ST Multi-HardcopyDMClargeboxed
STOS The game creatorMandarinlargeboxed
ST ProtectorEidersoftloose
Summer OlympiadTynesoftsmallboxed
Super HangonElectric Dreamslargeboxed
Super QuartetOceanlargeboxed
Superbase personalPrecisionlargeboxed
Superbase professional (luxe packaging)Precisionlargeboxed
Superbase professional (different labels)Precisionloose
SuperCharger utility disk 1.40Beta Systems loose
Teenage Mutant Hero TurtlesKonami loose
Tele Office 3TKRdsk+man
TerrorpodsPsygnosis loose
Texel 1.6 UpdateHeidelbergloose
Texel 2.0 UpdateHeidelbergloose
Texel 2.1 UpdateHeidelbergloose
Texel 2.2 UpdateHeidelbergloose
Textomat (Dutch)Data Beckerlargeboxed
That’s Address 2Compoloose
That’s ViewdataCompo loose
That’s Viewdata JuniorCompo loose
That’s Write 1.0Compolargeboxed
That’s Write (different labels)Compoloose
That’s Write (different labels)Compoloose
That’s Write 4Compolargeboxed
That’s Write ClassicCompo loose
That’s Write Woordenboek EngelsCompoloose
The 1st CRP Digitizer softwareCRP-Korukdisk+man
The artist plus*SCElargeboxed
The Bard’s TaleElectronic Artssmallboxed
The Black CauldronSierralargeboxed
The FontkitST Clubloose
The guild of thievesRainbirdsmallboxed
The hunt for red OctoberUniquelargeboxed
The LinkICD loose
The one compilationEmpire loose
The sentinelFirebird loose
The sound toolAntic Software loose
Their Finest HourLucasfilmlargeboxed
Top GunThunder Mountain loose
Tos patchesAtariloose
Tos system diskAtari loose
TrackedDivo Uitgeverijsmallboxed
TrackerRainbird loose
Trivial Pursuit A new beginningDomarksmallboxed
Turbo STSoftrek loose
TV Sports FootballBeau Jolly loose
Twist 2HiSoftdsk+man
Twist 2 demodiskMaxonloose
Type Art 1.0DMClargeboxed
Type Art fontpack (33 disks)DMCloose
U.K. Language diskAtari loose
U.S.S. John YoungMagic byteslargeboxed
Universal Item SelectorDivo uitgeverij loose
Universal Item Selector IIDivo uitgeverijloose
Universal Item Selector IIIACNsmallboxed
Universal Item Selector IIIDivo uitgeverijsmallboxed
Utility für Multitos & N.AESOverscanloose
Videotex NL 2.0Unknown loose
Videotex NL 2.01Unknown loose
VIP ProfessionalDitek disk+man
Virus KillerACN loose
Virus KillerPracticalsmallboxed
Warlocks questInterceptorsmallboxed
WonderlandVirgin Mastertroniclargeboxed
Word Writer STTimeworkslargeboxed
World class leaderboardKlassixsmallboxed
World cup soccer Italia ’90 (French release)Tronix/Virginsmallboxed
World cup soccer Italia ’90 (UK release)Tronix/Virginsmallboxed
Wrestle ManiaOceanlargeboxed
XenomorphPandora loose
Xenon 2Beau Jolly loose
XL/ST Link 1.1.0. betaKaj de Vos loose
XL/ST Link 3.2.0.Kaj de Vos loose
XL/ST Link 3.3.0.Kaj de Vos loose
Xtra RAMFrontier Software loose
Yogi Bear Greed MonsterHi-tecsmallboxed
Zany golfElectronic Artssmallboxed
Zip/Jazz toolsHiSoftloose