Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 is a home video game console released on September 11, 1977 by Atari, Inc. It is credited with popularizing the use of microprocessor-based hardware and ROM cartridges containing game code. The console was originally sold as the Atari VCS, which stood for Video Computer System. Following the release of the Atari 5200 in 1982, the VCS was renamed to the “Atari 2600”, after the unit’s Atari part number, CX2600. The 2600 was typically bundled with two joystick controllers, a conjoined pair of paddle controllers, and a game cartridge, initially Combat, and later Pac-Man.

The CPU was the MOS Technology 6507, a cut-down version of the 6502, running at 1.19 MHz in the 2600. The 6507 included fewer memory address pins—13 instead of 16—and no external interrupts to fit into a smaller 28-pin package. Smaller packaging was, and still is, an important factor in overall system cost, and since memory was very expensive at the time, the 6507’s small 8 kB of maximum external memory space was not going to be used up anyway. In fact, memory was so expensive they could not imagine using up even 4 kB. The console has only 128 bytes of RAM for run-time data that includes the call stack and the state of the game world. There is no frame buffer, as the necessary RAM would have been too expensive.

In 1984, a new version of the 2600 was released. The new redesigned version of the 2600, unofficially referred to as the 2600 Jr., featured a smaller cost-reduced form factor with a modernized Atari 7800-like appearance. The redesigned 2600 was advertised as a budget gaming system (under US$50) that had the ability to run a large collection of classic games.

The Atari 2600 continued to sell in North America and Europe until 1991, and in Asia until the early 1990s. Its final Atari-licensed release was KLAX in 1990. In 2007 the Atari 2600 was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame, selling 40 million units in its lifetime, and the youngest toy to be inducted. The Atari 2600 was officially retired by Atari Corp. on January 1, 1992.

This is the collection of original hardware and software. None of this collection is for sale. If you have an item which is not on the list, please contact me and maybe we can trade. Donations are welcome too 🙂


2600 4-sw. darth vader PAL atari logo front Dutch stickersAtariboxed
2600 4-sw. darth vader PAL atari logo front German stickersAtariboxed
2600 4-sw. darth vader SECAM (made in Ireland)Atariloose
2600 4-sw. woodgrain PALAtariloose
2600 6-sw. woodgrain PAL light 6erAtariboxed
2600 6-sw. woodgrain PAL (UK) heavy 6erAtariloose
2600 comp. 4-sw. darth vader PAL 128 games built inArabic signsboxed
2600 comp. 4-sw. darth vader PAL 32 games built inGraciaboxed
2600 comp. 4-sw. darth vader PAL 256 games built inUnknownloose
2600 comp. 4-sw. darth vader PAL 510 games built inArabic signsboxed
2600 comp. 4-sw. darth vader PAL 5005 games built inRamboloose
2600jr comp. Tv gameUnknownloose
2600jr comp. 96 games built inFunvisionloose
2600jr comp. 127 games built in (grey console)Atlantisloose
2600jr comp. 128 games built inFunvisionboxed
2600jr comp. 208 games built inScreen Searchloose
2600jr PAL black logo (made in Ireland)Atariloose
2600jr PAL EUR box, 1 cx-24 joystick, c1984 (larger box)Atariboxed
2600jr PAL EUR box arabic sticker, 1 cx-40 joystick c1986Atariboxed
2600jr PAL EUR box, 1 cx-24 joystick, c1987Atariboxed
2600jr PAL EUR box, 1 joypad, c1986Atariboxed
2600jr PAL EUR box, 2 joypads 32 in 1 cart c1987Atariboxed
2600jr PAL EUR box, 2 joypads 32 in 1 cart c1991Atariboxed
2600jr PAL small logo, small rainbowAtariloose
2800 NTSC (Japan)Atariloose
Arcade Joystick 1 firebuttonSTCloose
Arcade Joystick 2 firebuttonsSTCloose
Atari game program caseAtariboxed
Atari modular cartridge libraryAtariboxed
Command control trakballWikoloose
Compumate keyboardUniversumloose
CX20-01 Driving controllersAtariboxed
CX22 TrakballAtariboxed
CX24 Deluxe joystick (large box)Atariboxed
CX24 Deluxe joystick (small box)Atariboxed
CX30 paddlesAtariloose
CX40 joystickAtariboxed
CX40 joystick double packAtariboxed
CX50 Keyboard controllersAtariboxed
CX80 TrakballAtariboxed
Duplicator SP280Unimexboxed
FootpedalSTD electronicsboxed
Game CopierYokoloose
Gemini video game system (2600 comp.)Segaloose
Joystick repair kit (CX10)Atariboxed
Kids controllerAtariloose
Plastic cartridge caseAtariloose
PluscartW. Stubigloose
Quickshot VIISVIloose
Sears video arcade 4 sw. NTSCSearsloose
Sears video arcade II NTSCSearsloose
Silver carrying case for cartridges with Atari logoAtariloose
Supercharger cartridge moduleStarpathloose
Video game center for 2600Unknownloose
Video Touch PadAtariloose
Wireless joysticksGamemate 2boxed
Wooden suitcase for 2600 and cartridgesUnknownloose


2 Pak special: Challenge & SurfinNeckermann/HESblack textloose
2 Pak special: Dolphin & Pigs n wolf PALNeckermann/HESgreen textloose
32 in 1Atarigreen textloose
128 in 1Pirateblack graphicboxed
160 in 1Pirateblack graphicboxed
Action Man: Action Force PALParker BrothersSilver textloose
Adventure PALAtariblack textloose
Air patrol PALPirategraphicloose
Air sea battle PALAtariblack graphicboxed
Air sea battle NTSCAtariblack textloose
Air WolfPirateblack graphicloose
Amidar PALParker Brotherssilver graphicboxed
Armor Ambush NTSCMattelno facing labelloose
Asterix PALAtarisilver graphicboxed
Asteroids PALAtariblack graphicboxed
Asteroids NTSCAtariblack graphicloose
Asteroids PALAtarired graphicloose
Astroblast NTSCMattelno facing labelloose
AstroblastTelegamessilver textboxed
Atlantis PALImagicSilver textloose
Atlantis PALImagicwhite textboxed
AutolawPirateblack graphicloose
Backgammon special editionAtariblack textboxed
Base attackPirateblack graphicloose
BaseballTelegamesSilver textloose
Basic programming PALAtariblack textloose
Basic programming PALAtariblack graphicloose
Basketball PAL (b/w box)Atariblack graphic 87boxed
Basketball PALAtariblack textboxed
Basketball PALAtariblack graphic 78loose
Basketball facing labelloose
Battlezone NTSCAtariblack graphicboxed
Battlezone PALAtarisilver graphicloose
Battlezone PALAtarired graphicloose
Berzerk PALAtariblack graphicloose
Berzerk Enhanced Edition NTSCAtarigreen graphicboxed
Big bird’s egg catch PALCCWyellow graphicboxed
Billard PALQuellegrey graphicloose
Bobby geht nach Hause PALQuellegrey graphicloose
Bobby geht heim PALBitblack textboxed
Bobby is going homeBitblack graphicloose
Bogey blasterTelegamessilver textboxed
Bomb assaultOnbaseblue graphicloose
Bowling PALAtariblack graphicloose
Boxing PALActivisionpink graphicloose
Boxing PAL (label variation)Activisionpink graphicloose
Brain games NTSCAtariblack textloose
Brain games PALAtariblack textboxed
Breakout PALAtariblack textboxed
BridgeActivisiongreen textloose
Bugs PALData Agesilver graphicboxed
Bump’n’jumpTelegamessilver textboxed
California GamesEpyxwhite textboxed
Car racePirateblack graphicloose
Carnival PALCBSblack graphicboxed
Casino PALAtariblack textboxed
Centipede PAL ’82Atarisilver graphicboxed
Centipede PAL ’88Atarisilver graphicloose
Centipede PALAtarired graphicloose
Championship soccer PALAtariblack textloose
Chess PALUnknowngreen graphicboxed
China syndromeSpectravisionsilver textloose
Chopper command PALActivisionorange graphicloose
CircusUnknowngreen textboxed
Circus (8) NTSCTele-Gamesblack textloose
Circus Atari PALAtariblack textboxed
Circus Atari NTSCAtariblack graphicloose
Code breaker PALAtariblack graphicboxed
Combat NTSCAtariblack textloose
Combat NTSCAtariblack graphicloose
Combat PAL TaiwanAtariblack textboxed
Combat PAL USAAtariblack textboxed
Combat PAL shiny labelAtariblack textloose
Commando PALActivisionwhite textloose
Commando raid NTSCUS Gamesblack graphicloose
Congo bongo NTSCSegagraphicloose
Cookie monster munch PALCCWyellow graphicboxed
Concentration PALAtariblaack textloose
Cosmic Ark PALImagicwhite textloose
Cosmic Ark PALImagicsilver textloose
Cosmic creep NTSCTelesysblack graphicloose
Criminal pursuit PALTaiwanblue graphicloose
Crossbow PALAtarired graphicboxed
Cracker petPirateblack graphicloose
Dark Chambers PALAtarired graphicboxed
Deadly discsTelegamessilver textboxed
Decathlon PALActivisionblue graphicloose
Decathlon NTSCActivisionlblue graphicloose
Defender NTSCAtariblack graphicloose
Defender PALAtariblack graphicboxed
Defender II PALAtarired graphicloose
Demon attack PALImagicsilver textboxed
Desert falcon NTSCAtarired graphicboxed
Desert falcon PALAtarired graphicloose
Die Ente und der Wolf PALQuellegrey graphicloose
Die hungrigen Frösche PALQuelleblack graphicloose
Die Ratte und die Karotten PALQuellegrey graphicloose
Die Springteufel PALQuellegrey graphicloose
Die Unterwasser-Bestien PALQuellegrey graphicloose
Dig dug NTSCAtarisilver graphicboxed
Dig dug PAL 83Atarisilver graphic 83boxed
Dig dug PALAtarired graphicboxed
Dodge ‘ em PALAtariblack graphicloose
Donkey Kong PALCBSblack graphicloose
Donkey KongPirateblack graphicboxed
Double Dragon PALActivisionwhite textloose
Double Dunk PALAtarired graphicboxed
Dragonfire PALImagicsilver textloose
Dragster PALActivisionblack textloose
Dragster PALActivisionpurple graphicloose
Dsungel BoyQuellegrey graphicloose
E.T. PALAtarisilver graphicloose
Enduro PALActivisiongreen graphicloose
Enduro PALActivisionwhite textloose
Exciting 32 in 1 PALPirateblack graphicloose
Exocet NTSCSanchoblack graphicloose
F-14 Tomcat PALAbsolutewhite textloose
Farmyard funUnknowngreen graphicboxed
Fatal run NTSCAtarired graphicloose
Felix returnPirateblack graphicloose
Fire fighter PALImagicwhite textboxed
Fire fighter PALImagicsilver textboxed
Fishing derby PALActivisionblue graphicloose
Flag Capture PALAtariblack textboxed
FootballTelegamessilver textboxed
FootballPirateblack graphicboxed
Football realsports soccer NTSCAtarisilver graphicloose
Fox and PigUnknownblack graphicboxed
Fox and goatPirateblack graphicloose
Freeway PALActivisionwhite textboxed
Frogger PALParker Brotherssilver graphicboxed
FroggerPirateblack graphicloose
Frogs and flies facing labelloose
Frostbite PALActivisionblue graphicloose
GaalacticPirateblack graphicloose
Galaxian NTSC 83Atarisilver graphicboxed
Galaxian PAL 83Atarisilver graphicboxed
Galaxian PAL 86Atarisilver graphicloose
Galaxian PAL 87Atarisilver graphicboxed
Galaxian PAL 88Atarisilver graphicloose
Galaxian PALAtarired graphicloose
Gangster alley PALSpectravisionsilver textloose
GhostbustersActivisionblack graphicloose
Glacier patrolTelegamessilver textboxed
Golf PALAtariblack textboxed
Gorf (international) PALCBSblack textboxed
Gorf (UK) PALCBSblack textboxed
Gramd priksPirateblack graphicloose
Gramd priks (diff. Label)Pirateblack graphicloose
Grand Prix PALActivisionpruple graphicloose
Grand PrixPirateblack graphicloose
Grand prizePirateblack graphicloose
Gravitar NTSCAtarired graphicboxed
Gunslinger (16) NTSCTele-Gamesblack textloose
Hangman PALAtariblack textloose
Hero PALActivisionwhite textboxed
Hey stop!Pirateblack graphicloose
Human Cannonball NTSCAtariblack textloose
Ice hockeyPirateblack graphicloose
Ice hockey PALActivisionblue graphicboxed
Indy 500 PALAtariblack graphicloose
Indy 500 PALAtariblack textboxed
International soccerTelegamessilver textboxed
Journey escape NTSCData agesilver graphicloose
Joust NTSCAtarisilver graphicboxed
Joust PAL 83Atarisilver graphicboxed
Jr. pac-man NTSCAtarired graphicboxed
Jr. pac-man PALAtarired graphicloose
Jungle hunt NTSC 88Atarisilver graphicboxed
Jungle hunt PALAtarired graphicloose
Jungle hunt PAL 83Atarisilver graphicboxed
Jungle hunt PAL 88Atarisilver graphicloose
Kaboom PALActivisionpink graphicloose
Kangaroo PAL 83Atarisilver graphicboxed
Kangaroo PAL 88Atarisilver graphicboxed
Keystone Kapers PALActivisionpink graphicloose
Keystone kapers PALActivisionwhite textboxed
King arthurPirateblack graphicloose
King kong PALTigervisionblue graphicloose
Klax PALAtarired labelboxed
Kung fu masterActivisionwhite textboxed
Kung fu master NTSCActivisionblack textloose
Kung fu superkicksTelegamessilver textboxed
Labyrinth PALQuelleorange graphicloose
Laser blast PALActivisionorange graphicloose
Laser blastActivisionwhite textloose
Laser gates PALImagicwhite textboxed
Lilly adventurePirateblack graphicloose
Lock ‘n’ chaseTelegamessilver graphicloose
MarauderTigervisionblue graphicloose
Marine WarsGakkenblack graphicloose
Mario Bros PALAtarired graphicboxed
Math Grand Prix PALAtariblack graphicloose
Maze craze PALAtariblack textloose
Maze craze PALAtariblack graphicboxed
Maze CrazePirateblackloose
Mega Mania PALActivisionorange graphicloose
Mega Mania PALActivisionwhite textboxed
Midnight magic PALAtarired graphicboxed
Midnight magic PAL (diff. label)Atarired graphicloose
Millipede PAL 87Atarired graphicloose
Millipede PAL 88Atarired graphicloose
Millipede NTSCAtarisilver graphicloose
Millipede PALAtarisilver graphicboxed
Miniature golf PALAtariblack textboxed
Missile command (Atari 2800 packaging)Atariblack graphicboxed
Missile command PAL 91Atariblack graphicboxed
Missile command PAL 81Atariblack graphicloose
Missile command PAL 81 label variationAtariblack graphicloose
Missile command NTSC 81Atariblack graphicloose
Mission 3000 PALBit corporationblack textboxed
Moon patrol NTSCAtarisilver graphicboxed
Moon patrol PALAtarisilver graphicloose
Moon patrol PALAtarired graphicloose
Moonsweeper PALImagicsilver graphicboxed
Mouse trap NTSCAtarired graphicloose
Mouse trap PALCBSblack graphicloose
Mouse trap PALCBSb/w labelboxed
Mr. PostmanMarpesblack graphicboxed
Mr. PostmanBit corporationblack graphicloose
Ms. Pac-man PAL 88Atarisilver graphicboxed
Ms. Pac-man NTSC 87Atarisilver graphicloose
Ms. Pac-man NTSC 85Atarisilver graphicloose
Ms. Pac-man PAL 82Atarisilver graphicboxed
My golf PALImagineeringwhite textboxed
Night driver PALAtariblack graphicloose
Night stalkerTelegamessilver graphicloose
NutsTechnovisionblack graphicloose
Octopus PALCarrerewhite graphicloose
Oink!Activisionblue graphicloose
Off the wall PALAtarired graphicboxed
Oscar’s trash race PALCCWyellow graphicboxed
Othello PALAtariblack textboxed
Othello PALAtariblack graphicloose
Outlaw PALAtariblack textloose
Outlaw PALAtariblack graphicloose
Pac-KongQuelleblack graphicloose
Pac-man PAL 81Atariblack graphicboxed
Pac-man NTSC 87Atariblack graphicboxed
Pac-man NTSC 81Atariblack graphicloose
Pac-manPirateblack graphicloose
Paris attackPirateblack graphicloose
Pele’s soccer PALAtariblack graphicboxed
Phantom panzer PALBit corporationblack textboxed
Phoenix PAL 88Atarisilver graphicboxed
Phoenix PAL 82Atarisilver graphicboxed
Phoenix PAL 82Atarired graphicloose
Pick’n pile PALUbi softwhite textboxed
Pigs in spaceAtaripurple graphicloose
Pitfall! PALActivisiongreen graphicboxed
PitfallPirateblack graphicloose
Planet patrolSpectravisionsilver graphicloose
Plug attackPirateblack graphicloose
Pole position PALAtarired graphicloose
Pole position PAL 83Atarisilver graphicboxed
Pole position NTSCAtarisilver graphicboxed
Pole Positn (label with typing error) NTSCAtarisilver graphicloose
Pole position NTSC ’83Atarisilver graphicloose
Popeye PALParker Brotherssilver graphicboxed
Pressure cooker PALActivisonred graphicloose
Private eyeActivisionwhite textloose
Q-bert PAL 88Atarired graphicboxed
Q-bert PAL 87Atarired graphicloose
Quest for quintana rooTelegamessilver textboxed
Radar Lock NTSCAtarired graphicloose
Raiders of the lost ark PALAtarisilver graphicboxed
RampageActivisionwhite textboxed
Reactor PALParker Brotherssilver graphicboxed
Realsports Boxing PALAtarired graphicboxed
Realsports Football PALAtarisilver graphicboxed
Realsports Football NTSCAtarisilver graphicboxed
Realsports soccer PALAtarired graphicboxed
Realsports soccer PALAtarisilver graphicboxed
Realsports soccer NTSCAtarisilver graphicloose
Realsports tennis NTSC 83Atarisilver graphicboxed
Realsports tennis PAL 86Atarisilver graphicboxed
Realsports tennis PALAtarired graphicboxed
Realsports tennis NTSC ’87Atarisilver graphicloose
Realsports Volleybal PALAtarired graphicboxed
Realsports Volleybal PALAtarisilver graphicboxed
Reever raidPirateblack graphicloose
Riddle of the sphinx PALImagicsilver textloose
River raid PALActivisionpurple graphicloose
River Raid IIPirateblack graphicloose
Road runner PALAtarired graphicloose
Robot tank PALActivisiongrey graphicloose
Roc’n rope PALCBSb/w labelboxed
S.O.S.Pirateblack graphicloose
S.O.S. (diff. Label)Pirateblack graphicloose
Schnecke und eichhornchenBit Corporationblack graphicloose
SeahawkPirateblack graphicloose
Seea gueastPirateblack graphicloose
See-monster PALBit Corporationblack textboxed
Sesam oeffne dich! PALUnknown-Germanblack textboxed
Skate Boardin’Absolutewhite textboxed
Ski RunUnknownblue graphicloose
Skiing PALActivisionblue graphicloose
Sky diver PALAtariblack graphicboxed
Sky jinks PALActivisionblue graphicboxed
Sky jinks PALActivisionwhite textloose
Sky hunt PALMarpesblack graphicboxed
Sky skipper PALParker Brotherssilver graphicloose
Slot machine PALAtariblack textloose
Slot racers PALAtariblack textloose
Smurf PALCBSb/w labelloose
Smurf NTSCCBSblack grahicloose
Snail against squirrelBit Corporationblack graphicloose
Solar Fox PALCBSblack graphicloose
Solaris PALAtarired graphicboxed
Sorcerer’s ApprenticeDisneyblue graphicloose
Space attackTelegamessilver textboxed
Space invadersAtarired graphicboxed
Space invaders PALAtariblack graphicloose
Space invaders PALAtariblack textloose
Space invaders (112) NTSCTele-Gamesblack textloose
Space jockey NTSCUS Gamesblack graphicloose
Space Shuttle PALActivisionblue graphicboxed
Space war PALAtariblack graphicboxed
Spaider fightPirateblack graphicloose
Spider fighterPirateblack graphicloose
Spider fighterActivisionwhite textboxed
Spider-manParker Brotherssilver graphicloose
Sprintmaster PALAtarired graphicboxed
Stampede NTSCActivisionred graphicloose
Stampede PALActivisionred graphicloose
Star raiders PAL with touchpadAtariblack graphicboxed
Star raiders NTSCAtariblack graphicloose
Star voyagerImagicsilver textloose
Star wars: Jedi ArenaParker Brotherssilver graphicboxed
Star wars: The empire strikes backParker Brotherssilver graphicloose
Stargate PALAtarisilver graphicloose
Starmaster PALActivisiongreen graphicloose
Strahlen der Teufelvögel PALQuellegrey graphicloose
Strategy XGakkenblack graphicloose
Street racer PALAtariblack textboxed
Street racer PALAtariblack graphicloose
SubterraneaImagicwhite textloose
Summer GamesEpyxwhite textloose
Super breakout PALAtariblack graphicboxed
Super cobraParker Brotherssilver graphicloose
Super challenge football NTSCMattelno facing labelloose
Super-Ferrari PALQuellegrey graphicloose
Super football PALAtarired graphicboxed
Super-cowbouPirateblack graphicloose
Superman PALAtariblack textloose
Surround PALAtariblack textloose
Swordquest Earthworld PALAtarisilver graphicloose
Tank city PALUnknownblack graphicboxed
Tanzende teller PALBit corporationblack textboxed
Tape wormSpectravisionsilver textloose
Target Fun (27) NTSCTele-Gamesblack textloose
Target Fun (27) NTSC label variationTele-Gamesblack textloose
Tennis PAL EAG labelActivisiongreen graphicloose
Tennis PAL PAG labelActivisiongreen graphicboxed
Tennis PAL PAG label variationActivisiongreen graphicloose
TennisUnknownblack graphicboxed
Tennis (diff. Label)Pirateblack graphicboxed
The challenge of Nexar PALSpectravisionsilver textloose
Titlematch pro wrestling PALAbsolutewhite textboxed
Tomcat PALAbsolutewhite textboxed
Tutankham PALParker Brotherssilver graphicloose
Universal ChaosTelegamessilver textboxed
Vanguard PALAtarisilver graphicboxed
VentureAtarired graphicboxed
Venture PALCBSblack graphicloose
Video Checkers PALAtariblack textloose
Video Chess PALAtariblack textloose
Video Olympics PALAtariblack textloose
Video pinball NTSCAtariblack graphicloose
Video pinball PALAtariblack graphicboxed
Vogel flieh PALQuellegrey graphicloose
VolleyballUnknownblack graphicboxed
Wall-defender PALBombblue textloose
Warlords PALAtariblack graphicboxed
Weltraum-tunnel PALBit Corporationblack textboxed
Winter games PALEpyxwhite textboxed
Wizard of wor PALCBSb/w labelboxed
World endPirateblack graphicloose
Xenophobe PALAtarired graphicloose
X-manGamexblue graphicloose
Xonox double: Spike peak/Ghost manorXonoxblue graphicloose
Yars’ revenge PAL 81Atariblack graphicboxed
Yars’ revenge NTSC 81Atariblack graphicloose
Yars’ revenge NTSC 81 (diff. Label)Atariblack graphicloose
Yars’ revenge PAL 87Atariblack graphicloose
ZaxxonCBSblack graphicloose


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