Atari 7800

The Atari 7800 ProSystem was the first game system from Atari Inc. designed by an outside company, General Computer Corporation (GCC). The system had been designed in 1983 through 1984 with an intended mass market rollout in June 1984, but was canceled shortly thereafter due to the sale of the company to Tramel Technology Ltd on July 2, 1984. The project was originally called the Atari 3600, though was later renamed the Atari 7800.

Several key factors influenced the design of the 7800. First, Atari had been facing mounting pressure in the form of competition from the ColecoVision, which boasted graphics that more closely mirrored arcade games of the time than Atari’s reigning 2600 VCS system. Second, the Atari 5200 (the original intended successor to the Atari 2600 VCS) had been widely criticized for not being able to play Atari 2600 VCS games without an adapter.

The 7800 featured the ability to move around a tremendous amount of objects (75-to-100) that far exceeded previous consoles. Powering the system was an Atari SALLY 6502 (Atari’s slightly custom 6502, sometimes described as a “6502C”) processor running at 1.79 MHz, similar to the processor found in home computers (Atari 8-bit, Apple II, Commodore 64) and other consoles (Atari 5200 and Nintendo Entertainment System). In contrast to the Atari 5200, the Atari 7800 could play almost all Atari 2600 games out of the box, without the need for an adapter. In addition, it featured a return to a digital controller.

To address the concerns of parents that home computers were a better investment than consoles, the system was designed to be upgraded to a full-fledged home computer. A keyboard was developed, and the keyboard had an expansion port (which was the SIO port from Atari’s 8-bit computer line, though the 7800 could not run Atari computer programs) that allowed for the addition of peripherals such as disk drives and printers. To further enhance the gaming experience, GCC had also designed a “high score cartridge”, a battery-backed RAM cartridge designed for storing game scores. On the side of the 7800 was an expansion port, reportedly for a planned connection with a laserdisc player.

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7800 PAL with joypads etc.Atariboxed
Pro Joystick CX-24 (large box)Atariboxed
Pro Joystick CX-24 (small box)Atariboxed
Trakball CX-22Atariboxed
Trakball CX-80Atariboxed


Ace of aces PALrAtariboxed
Asteroids NTSCrAtariloose
Alien brigade PALrAtariboxed
Ballblazer PALrAtariboxed
Barnyard Blaster PALrAtariboxed
Centipede NTSCrAtariboxed
Crossbow PALrAtariloose
Dark chambers PALrAtariloose
Dig Dug PALrAtariboxed
Donkey kong NTSCrAtariboxed
Donkey kong PALrAtariloose
Donkey kong junior NTSCrAtariboxed
Fight Night NTSCrAtariboxed
Fight Night PAL/td>rAtariloose
Food Fight PALrAtariloose
Galaga PALrAtariboxed
Hat trick NTSCrAtariboxed
Hat trick PALrAtariloose
Ikari warriors PALrAtariboxed
Impossible Mission PALrAtariloose
Joust NTSCrAtariboxed
Jinks PALrAtariboxed
Karateka PALrAtariloose
Kung-Fu MasterrHESloose
Mario bros PALrAtariboxed
Mat mania challenge PALrAtariboxed
Mean 18rAtariboxed
Meltdown PALrAtariboxed
Midnight Mutants PALrAtariloose
Motor psycho NTSCrAtariloose
Ms Pacman PALrAtariloose
One on onerAtariboxed
Planet smashers PALrAtariboxed
Pole position II PALrAtariboxed
Scrapyard dog NTSCrAtariboxed
Sentinel PALrAtariboxed
Super Huey UH-IXrAtariboxed
Xevious NTSCrAtariboxed
Xevious PALrAtariloose