Atarisoft was a brand name used by Atari, Inc in 1983 and 1984 to market video games the company published for home systems made by competitors. Each platform had a specific color attributed by Atarisoft for its game packages. For example, video games sold for the Commodore 64 came up in green packages, games for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A in yellow, games for the IBM PC in blue, and so on.

Atarisoft was so successful during the Christmas 1983 shopping season that the company released games for the discontinued 99/4A. Despite being in existence for less than two years, Atarisoft had a huge video game library with dozens of game versions being released for various home computers and consoles. Almost all of the Atarisoft titles were produced by third-party software companies, as Atari only developed for their own systems.

The Atarisoft label did not bear Atari’s recognizable “Fuji” logo nor the official logos of the games, rather, the game names were written in a different typeface. The new Atari Corp. initially used the Atarisoft brand as well. Several Atari 8-bit family titles (both game and non-game) were published by Atari UK and Atari France using the Atarisoft label in 1985. Atari did not use the Atarisoft label again after 1985.

This is the collection of original Atarisoft software for non-Atari systems. None of this collection is for sale. If you have an item which is not on the list, please contact me and maybe we can trade. Donations are welcome too 🙂

TitleSystemMediaBox sizeBoxed/loose
Centipede USC64largebox only
Donkey Kong USApple IIdisklargeboxed
Jungle Hunt USC64cartsmallboxed
Ms Pac Man USC64cartsmallboxed
Ms Pac Man EURC64cartsmallboxed
Pac Man USC64largebox only
Pac Man USIBM PClargebox only
Pole Position EURBBCtapesmallboxed
Robotron 2084 EURBBCtapesmallboxed