Private collection & Atari Benelux Online Archive

This website shows all Atari (related) items I have in my collection and is an internet archive of Atari Benelux material. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! You can use the contact form or leave a message in the guestbook. Please also visit my Facebook page (freely accessible without FB-account) at https://www.facebook.com/atarimuseum.

The collection in numbers:
2713 Commercial Atari software releases
669 Public Domain Atari disks & cassette tapes
254 Issue disks & cassette tapes
79 Atari computers and consoles
190 Hardware pheripherals
259 Books
935 Magazines
101 Disk Magazines
1 Atari Rubis II Jukebox
1 Canyon Bomber arcade coin op
1 Time 2000 pinball machine
and hundreds of leaflets, stickers, manuals, merchandising stuff etc.!

Atarimuseum.nl supports various national and international preservation projects like atariwiki.org , a8preservation.com, atarimania.com and ataripreservation.com to preserve all Atari related products for the future.

Update: February 11th, 2024