Atari 8-bit hardware

The original Atari 400 and 800 models were released with a series of plug-n-play peripherals that used Atari’s unique “SIO” serial bus system. Over the following decade several versions of the same basic design were released, including the XL and XE series of computers and matching peripherals. All of these used the same basic logical design, with various changes to the physical layout to lower production costs as chipmaking and manufacturing processes improved over time. The early machines were expensive to build, but dependable. Later models like the XEs were greatly cost-reduced and generally not as robust.

The Atari 8-bit computer line sold two million units during its major production run between late 1979 and mid-1985, putting its sales on par with machines like the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and TI-99/4A. Its primary competition in the worldwide market was, starting in 1982, the Commodore 64, which is by far the best selling computer of the 8-bit era. Atari also found a strong market in Eastern Europe and had something of a renaissance in the early 1990s as these countries joined a uniting Europe. Some estimates place sales during this period at another two million units.

This is the collection of original hardware. None of this collection is for sale. If you have an item which is not on the list, please contact me and maybe we can trade. Donations are welcome too 🙂

1010 Data recorder (JP)Atariboxed
1010 Data recorder (HK) with rambit moduleAtariboxed
1020 Black pensAtariboxed
1020 Color pensAtariboxed
1020 printer plotterAtariboxed
1020 printerpaperAtariloose
1020 scanner (SAG)Homebrewloose
1025 printer USAtariloose
1027 Daisy wheel printerAtariboxed
1027 Ink rollAtariboxed
1029 PrinterAtariloose
1030 ModemAtariloose
1050 Disk drive with original super speedyAtariloose
1050 Disk drive with mini super speedyAtariloose
1050 Disk driveAtariboxed
1050 Duplicator boardCSSloose
1050 Turbo boardBernhard Englloose
1064 Expansion moduleAtariBoxed
1090 XL Expansion System (with cover)*Atariloose
1200 XL NTSCAtariloose
130 XE Gumby stereo & 4 OS PALAtariloose
130 XE PALAtariboxed
256k Megaram upgradeKlaus Petersloose
3,5″ Floppy interfaceGermanloose
400 PALAtariboxed
400 PAL scart/peritel (French)Atariloose
410p Data recorderAtariloose
410a Data recorderAtariboxed
600 XL different keyboard PALAtariboxed
600 XL PALAtariloose
65 XE PALAtariboxed
65 XEN Arabic NTSCAtariloose
800 NTSCAtariloose
800 PAL with ram banksAtariloose
800 XE PALAtariboxed
800 XL different keyboard PALAtariboxed
800 XL PALAtariloose
800 XL PAL FrenchAtariloose
800 XL SecamAtariloose
810 Disk-driveAtariloose
822 Thermal printer USAtariloose
825 Printer USAtariloose
835 ModemAtariloose
850 interfaceAtariloose
850 bareboard incl. instructionsAtariloose
A8 PicocardElectrotrainsloose
A/D converter cartridgeMirageloose
Alphasys sample cartridgeANG Softwareboxed
Animation StationSuncomboxed
Basicode interfaceAtinloose
Black Box incl. caseCSSloose
CA12 Data Recorder with KSO Turbo 2000Phonemarkloose
Command control trakballWikoloose
Covox sound cardUnknownloose
Covox sound module (prototype!)ANG Softwareloose
CX10 Joystick blackAtariloose
CX10 Repairset NL/FRAtariboxed
CX20-1 Driving controllersAtariboxed
CX21 Video touch padAtariloose
CX22 TrakballAtariboxed
CX24 Deluxe joystick (large box)Atariboxed
CX24 Deluxe joystick (small box)Atariboxed
CX30 paddlesAtariloose
CX40 Joystick blackAtariboxed
CX40 Joystick double packAtariboxed
CX40 joystick XE greyAtariloose
CX50 Keyboard controllersAtariboxed
CX75 Light penAtariBoxed
CX77 Touch tabletAtariBoxed
CX80 TrakballAtariBoxed
CX82 b/w monitorcableAtariboxed
CX85 Numerical KeypadAtariboxed
Datarecorder with Atari/C64 interfaceG.E.loose
Defender 64 lightgun (xl modded)Cheetahloose
Digisound samplerUnknownloose
Eprom burnerRalf Davidloose
Happy clone boardUnknownloose
Harddisk interfaceGermanloose
Harddrive 60MBSupraloose
HDI InterfaceErhard Puetzloose
Indexloch UmgehungMerlinloose
Indus GT disk-drive (broken)Indusloose
Megaram XL/XE Rev. 2Klaus Petersloose
Modem 300 baud with Atari interfaceTeltronloose
Multipad 3AMC/Portronicloose
PM-4401A Data RecorderPhonemarkloose
Pokey Stereo Deluxe upgradeFreddy Offengaloose
Port converterAMC/Portronicloose
Printer InterfaceMicroprintboxed
Printer InterfaceCardcoboxed
Printer InterfaceUnknownloose
Printer InterfaceUnkn. Germ.loose
Printer InterfaceWiesemannloose
RanaSystems 1000 disk-driveRanaloose
Real keyboard for 400Atariloose
Romdisk 512kbRalf David/Klaus Petersloose
SIO game link cable (with Maze of Adgagon)Germanloose
SIO2PC cablesVariousloose
SIO2USB/USB Cartridge prototypeAbbucloose
SuperSALT CartridgeGotekloose
SuperSALT InterfaceAtariloose
SuperSALT Joystick loopC. Belcherloose
SuperSALT SIO loopback plugC. Belcherloose
SX212 ModemAtariboxed
Tape drive system 3810 w. atari interfaceBRGloose
Track & Field controllerAtariboxed
Turbodata datarecorder (like xc 12)Turbodataboxed
TXP1000 Thermal printerGeneral Electricboxed
TXP3-8150 Atari/Commodore interfaceGeneral Electricboxed
VIF Video interfaceMirageloose
XC11 DatarecorderAtariloose
XC12 DatarecorderAtariboxed
XC12 Datarecorder (diff. packaging 1)Atariboxed
XC12 Datarecorder (diff. packaging 2)Atariboxed
XE Expansion portRalf David/Klaus Petersloose
XE Game system keyboardAtariloose
XE Game system PALAtariloose
XE Game system PAL (console + joy)Atariboxed
XE Game system PAL (incl. keyb, lg, joy)Atariboxed
XEP80 interfaceAtariboxed
XF551 disk drive fitted with XF-speedyAtariloose
XF551 disk driveAtariboxed
XG1 LightgunAtariloose
XL12 DatarecorderPhonemarkloose
XM301 modemAtariboxed

*I do not own this item. I keep it for a friend.