Atari Falcon

The Atari Falcon030 Computer System was Atari Corporation’s final computer product. Codenamed Sparrow, the machine was based on a Motorola 68030 main CPU, and had a Motorola 56000 digital signal processor, a feature which distinguished it from most other microcomputers of the era.

The Falcon was released in late 1992 and subsequently cancelled in late 1993 as Atari Corp restructured itself to focus completely on the release and support of its newest product, the Atari Jaguar video game console.

Atari Corp. created a number of prototypes of the Falcon040 (based on the more capable fully pipelined, integrated-FPU, Motorola 68040, and using a “microbox” case), but canceled it. The microbox case resembled the later Sony PlayStation 2, right down to the ability to run it vertically or horizontally. It is even referenced in the PS2 patent applications.

Shortly after release Atari Corp. bundled the MultiTOS Operating system in addition to TOS. TOS remained in ROM, and MultiTOS was supplied on floppy disk and could be installed to boot from hard disk.

In 1995, the music company C-Lab bought the rights to the Falcon hardware design and began producing their own versions. The Falcon Mk I was a direct continuation of Atari Corp.’s Falcon030 with TOS 4.04. The Falcon Mk II addressed a number of shortcomings in the original design, making it more suitable to use in a recording studio (these were unofficially termed ‘Cubase modifications’) such as accepting Line-level audio in without the need for a pre-amp or mixer.

Today, the Falcon is one of Atari Corp.’s most popular machines for hardware modding. Due to its expansion capabilities, several accelerators have been produced. Some of them overclock the CPU and/or the bus, while others upgrade the CPU to a Motorola 68060.

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Atari Falcon 030Atariloose
Falcon Analog 8Soundpoolloose
Spdif InterfaceSoundpoolloose

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Eclipse pci adapter driverIstari loose
Extra ProgramsAtari loose
Falcon Blowup 040Digital Data Deicke loose
Falcon Speed v4.2Sack Electronic loose
IsharSilmarils loose
Language disk (UK)Atari loose

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Das Buch zum Atari Falcon 030Data BeckerGerman

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